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The Ministry of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago is organized into divisions in order to achieve the range of responsibilities entrusted to it.

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Tax Treaty Unit

The Tax Treaty Unit (formerly the Double Taxation Secretariat) provides administrative and technical support for the Cabinet appointed Permanent Double Taxation Team and the Trinidad and Tobago Double Taxation Negotiating Team. The terms of reference of the Permanent Team are:

  • to develop guidelines to be followed in the negotiating of treaties with foreign countries;
  • to identify countries with which tax treaties should be negotiated or renegotiated;
  • to review existing treaties with a view to ensuring that they conform to policy guidelines.

The Permanent Team is currently comprised of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance (Chairman), the Chairman, Board of Inland Revenue (deputy Chairman), the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, one of the Commissioners from the Board of Inland Revenue, the Treasury Solicitor, a senior legal officer from the Inland Revenue Division, a senior economist from the Coordinating and Monitoring Unit, and the Head of the Tax Treaty Unit. From this Permanent Team, a Negotiating Team comprising approximately five (5) persons is appointed to negotiate double taxation treaties on behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago when it becomes necessary.

The purpose of a tax treaty is to remove tax barriers to cross border trade and investment. This is done by providing for the elimination of double taxation, certainty of tax treatment, a reduction of tax rates, the prevention of fiscal evasion, the prevention of tax discrimination, and the resolution of tax disputes. Most countries have entered into tax treaties with their trading partners and many have extensive treaty networks. Trinidad and Tobago has entered into agreement with several countries. A list of these countries and the text of the treaties can be viewed at http://www.ird.gov.tt/.

The staff of the Tax Treaty Unit - Ms. P. Maraj, Mr. N. Sawh and Ms. R. Ghany - can be contacted at:

Telephone: (868) 627-9700 ext. 1711 - 1714 or
                  (868) 624-4449
Fax: (868) 623-6637
E-mail: ttu.finance@gov.tt