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The Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority (TTRA)

The Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority (TTRA) signals the dawn of a new era in the service of tax and customs operations for this country.

  • The Government Campus - proposed site of the TTRA

The idea behind the revenue authority is that it establishes a platform that can enable reform and modernization of revenue administration to proceed more quickly and effectively in its operations; as against that   which currently exist within the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) and the Customs and Excise Division (C&ED).

It effectively removes the tax and customs administration from the civil service and establishes a management board for oversight and accountability facilitating the introduction of more modern human resources and other administrative practices.

The TTRA will carry out all the functions previously assigned to the IRD and C&ED, both of which will cease to exist. It will have the mandate to assess and collect taxes and duties in addition to administer and enforce the revenue laws.

The merger of these two organizations is also expected to be a catalyst to promote and foster an improved business environment for Trinidad and Tobago based on management transparency and a visible integrity programme.

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 Persons can also contact the offices at the Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority Management Company Limited (TTRAMCol) at 627-4941.