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According to the Valuation of Land Act 18 of 1969:-

Sect. 15. (1) Subject to subsection (2), the Commissioner, or any officer authorised by the Commissioner in writing for that purpose, shall for the purpose of ascertaining the value of any land have power to enter, at all reasonable hours during the daylight, in or upon any land without being liable to any legal proceedings or molestation whatever on account of the entry.



According to the Valuation of Land Act 18 of 1969:-

Sect. 6. (1) Every owner of land in Trinidad and Tobago shall make with the Commissioner, a return of the land in the form set out in Schedule II.
(2) Where the owner of land fails to file a return, the Commissioner shall by Notice inform the owner that he is required to file a return, failing which he may be liable to conviction under this section.
(3) A Notice under subsection (2) shall be sent by registered post.
(4) A person who willfully—
(a) fails to make a return within the prescribed time under subsection (1); or
(b) makes a return which is defective or incomplete or which is to his knowledge false in any material particular,
commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine.



According to the Valuation of Land Act 18 of 1969:-

Sect. 19. An owner or local authority who is dissatisfied with a valuation may, within thirty days after service of the notice of valuation, post to or lodge with the Commissioner an objection in writing against the valuation stating the grounds upon which he relies. The objection shall be limited to one or more of the following grounds:
(a) that the values assessed are too high or too low;
(b) that lands which should be included in one valuation have been valued separately;
(c) that lands which should be valued separately have been included in one valuation;
(d) that the person named in the notice is not the owner of the land.
Residential rate 3% commercial rate 5% industiral rate with building 6% industiral rate without building 3% agriculture rate 1%