Central Tenders Board

Mission Statement

To provide procurement and disposal services for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago efficiently, cost effectively and with a commitment to fair treatment for all.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in procurement, providing excellent services to the public and private sectors through the expertise of a well trained staff, supported by efficient/workable systems that are in keeping with local and international standards.


The Central Tenders Board was established by Act No. 22 of 1961(hereinafter referred to as the legislation) to ensure that the proper procedures are followed to obtain the most suitable supplies and services from available sources.
The Central Tenders Board Ordinance No. 22 of 1961as amended, provides for the establishment of a Central Tenders Board which has the sole and exclusive authority, except as provided for in Sections 20 and 35 of the Legislation:

To act for, in the name and on behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and Statutory Bodies to which the Ordinance applies, in inviting, considering and accepting or rejecting offers for the supply of articles or for the undertaking of works or any services in connection therewith, necessary for carrying out the functions of the Government or any of the Statutory Bodies. Refer to Section 4(1)(A) of the Legislation
To dispose of surplus or unserviceable articles and real estate property belonging to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago or any of the Statutory Bodies .Refer to Section 4(1)(B) of the Legislation
The Board also performs other functions and duties as the President may by order prescribe from time to time Refer to Section 4(2) of the Legislation
To appoint consultants in connection with any project. Refer to Section 27(B) of the Legislation


The legislation defines the composition of the Board, sub-committees and special committees with specific financial limits for the making of awards and disposal of surplus and unserviceable articles. All committees act for and on behalf of the Board and follow the same procedures.

(a) Composition of the Board – Eight (8) Members

The present Board comprises:

Director of Contracts – Chairman
Deputy Director of Contracts – Deputy Chairman
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investments
Comptroller of Accounts
Chief State Solicitor
Three (3) Members at Large

(b) Sub-committees of the Board

Tenders Committees in Ministries.  These comprise three (3) members – a Chairman Representative of the Central Tenders Board Division and two (2) Members from the relevant Ministry/Department.

Tenders Committees in Municipal Corporations and Statutory Boards. These comprise five (5) Members – a Chairman Representative of the Central Tenders Board Division and four (4) Members.

Special Ministerial Committee of Municipal Corporations comprises three (3) Members – a Chairman and two (2) Members.

Office Machines, Appliances and Furniture Committee

Special Tenders Committee of the Ministry of National Security

Documents Listed under section 7 (i) and 9(iii) of the Freedom of Information Act of Trinidad and Tobago Legislation

Central Tenders Board Information Links

Legislation/ Ordinance

CTB Information Booklet

Consultancy Booklet

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Organisation Chart

CTB Dept. Functions

Disposal of Articles Forms

Disposal of Unserviceable articles between $250-$1000

Disposal of Unserviceable articles more than $1000

Appendix for Disposal of Unserviceable articles between $250-$1000

Appendix for Disposal of Unserviceable articles between more than $1000


List of Bonded Contractors- Annual Supplies and Services and Office Machines, Appliances and Furniture

For further information please contact:

Central Tenders Board
Ministry of Finance
116, Frederick Street
Port of Spain

Telephone Numbers
Director of Contracts: 1-868-625-3320
Assistant Directors of Contracts: 1-868-625-3577 / 1-868-623-5915
Contracts Officers: 1-868-625-4330/ 1-868-625-3565
Annual Supplies and Services: 1-868-625-1868
Accounts/Administration: 1-868-625-3610
Fax No. : 1-868-625-1809