Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Our Ministry

Guiding Principles

The policy statements of the Ministry which guide our approach to service:


The Ministry of Finance is a world class organisation that implements balanced macro-economic fiscal policies and initiatives, that facilitate the expansion and diversification of the economy, ensures fiscal sustainability; and that is responsive to the global environment.


To efficiently and effectively manage the economy of Trinidad and Tobago through the development and implementation of innovative policies to the benefit of all citizens.


To facilitate revenue collection and revenue management; budget planning, preparation and management; the formulation and promotion of national fiscal and economic policy; trade facilitation and border control; debt management; and the management of the State Enterprises Sector.


  • Integrity – The equitable and honest treatment of all internal and external stakeholders, building mutual trust and respect.
  • Good Governance – The maintenance of objectivity in decision-making, fairness in the consideration of stakeholders’ interests, acceptance of accountability for actions and the demonstration of socially responsible behavior.
  • Transparency – Adherence to the highest level of transparency in all operations.
  • Quality Service – The provision of professional and excellent service via the efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Customer-oriented – Commitment to the achievement of customer satisfaction at all service points.
  • Collaboration – Commitment to partnering with stakeholders to work towards the achievement of shared national goals.
  • Open Communication – Foster an environment that would allow the sharing of information and transference of the knowledge resource.

Through the development and implementation of innovative policies the Ministry of Finance effectively manages the Trinidad and Tobago economy.