Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Media Release : The IMF Praises Trinidad and Tobago’s Policy Response to Covid-19 and Encourages T&T to Shift its Policy Attention Only When Recovery is in Place

The IMF noted that Trinidad and Tobago faced “unprecedented challenges in 2020-21. The combined effects of COVID-19, energy production cuts, and price shocks pushed the economy further into recession”. In the face of such challenges, the IMF concluded that “The authorities’ decisive policy response helped contain COVID-19’s spread, protect
lives and livelihoods, and paved the way for a strong recovery
”. For the near future, the IMF believes that “the immediate priorities are to accelerate vaccinations and support the economic recovery.”

We value the endorsement by the international community of the policies we have put in place to protect our population and certainly agree that the immediate priority is to foster the recovery” adds Minister Imbert.