Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Media Release: Fake profiles of the Minister of Finance being used for Scams and Phishing Attacks

The Minister of Finance, Hon. Colm Imbert, MP, wishes to alert the public to a disturbing trend of fake Facebook profiles and fake social media accounts being set up with variations of his name and matching photographs for the purpose of fraudulent activity and scams.

To date approximately eight (8) fake Facebook accounts have been identified with unauthorised photographs of the Minister, all attempting to either solicit money from unsuspecting persons or steal their digital identities through phishing scams.

The issue is currently being investigated by law enforcement to determine the perpetrators, but while this investigation continues, the Minister of Finance would like members of the public to be vigilant towards these fake profiles and their suspicious activities and ignore any and all Friend Requests or Messages/Invitations from Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platform that appear to come from him.