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Drilling Down For Development- An Interview with the Honourable Winston Dookeran, Minister of Finance
17 Jul 2011
Moody's Gives T&T a Stable Outlook
15 Jul 2011
Minister Dookeran Urges Board Members to Exercise Good Governance
13 Jul 2011
Minister Dookeran: Drilling Down on Development
13 Jul 2011
Minister Dookeran to give keynote address at ICATT and CAACM Conference
12 Jul 2011
Dookeran's Call for Small States' Voice Heard as IMF Head Promises Change
7 Jul 2011
Dookeran Calls for new Diplomacy in Multilateral Development Cooperation at the North- South Institute Forum
1 Jul 2011
Minister of Finance welcomes Minister in the Ministry of Finance
29 Jun 2011
Trinidad and Tobago pleads for a Voice of Small States in the IMF
17 Jun 2011
Finance Minister Winston Dookeran to deliver keynote address at the North-South Institute International Forum in Canada
17 Jun 2011
Tax Amnesty Deadline Extended to June 30th 2011
1 Jun 2011
Advisory on the Offer of Relief to Depositors and Shareholders of the Hindu Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited (HCU) in Liquidation
4 May 2011
Almost $200 million paid out to CLICO EFPA contract owners
27 Apr 2011
POS chosen for the emerging and sustainable cities initiative of the Inter American Development Bank
28 Mar 2011
CPO to meet with PSA to discuss Allowances
28 Mar 2011
Government Signs Guarantee in respect of WASA’s TT$1.3 Billion Bond
28 Mar 2011
Government pays out $33 million to CLICO EFPA Contract Owners
23 Mar 2011
Visiting Curacao PM meets Ag. T&T PM
21 Mar 2011
Minister Dookeran refers dispute with the PSA to the Special Tribunal
18 Mar 2011
CPO reports Non- Agreement with PSA to Minister Dookeran
15 Mar 2011