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GORTT and the Inter- American Development Bank signs USD $1.5b Loan Agreement
1 Dec 2011
interview with Finance Minister and BNS Americas on the the effectas of the CLICO Bailout on Trinidad and Tobago
25 Nov 2011
Schedule for the Processing of Application Form for STIPs $75,000 and over
25 Nov 2011
Q&A for Holders of Short Term Investment Products (STIPs) over $75,000
25 Nov 2011
Q&A for Holders of product of STIPs over $75,000 and over
25 Nov 2011
FIU – Information Secure
10 Nov 2011
Finance Minister Chairs Small States Forum
26 Sep 2011
Dookeran says "New Diplomacy" needed between large countries and Small economies
23 Sep 2011
Minister Winston Dookeran addresses Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting in Washington
22 Sep 2011
ECLAC Speech
13 Sep 2011
Reminder Notice on the Offer of Relief to Depositors and Shareholders of HCU
5 Sep 2011
OAS Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin Calls For Global Recognition of Small States in the G-20
27 Aug 2011
Treasury Opens New Cashiers' Unit
15 Aug 2011
Minister Winston Dookeran meets with Japanese and Chinese Ambassadors to Trinidad and Tobago
12 Aug 2011
Repeal of Property Tax Act
10 Aug 2011
Trinidad and Tobago Economy Stable says Finance Minister
5 Aug 2011
Minister Winston Dookeran meets with Ambassador Albert Ramdin
3 Aug 2011
Ministry of Finance on facebook
28 Jul 2011
Clico to appeal High Court Judgement.
25 Jul 2011
Drilling Down For Development- An Interview with the Honourable Winston Dookeran, Minister of Finance
17 Jul 2011