Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Roles and Functions

The Role and Function of the Treasury Division

The responsibilities of the Treasury Division emanate from various laws and regulation. The principal of these are the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (Chapter 8), the Exchequer and Audit Act (Chapter 69:01) and the Pension Act.

The major function is to ensure that proper accounting can be given to Parliament. It also has a responsibility for ensuring that systems are in place for the efficient monitoring and reporting of all Government’s transactions. This will therefore include the provision of financial accounting services and systems and the production of the Consolidated Accounts of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Treasury Division is committed to:-

1. Providing quality service to the Division’s diverse clientele.
2. Developing and establishing adequate human resource management.
3. Improving the administrative support services functions.
4. Developing and implementing a decentralized and fully integrated Financial Accounting system for the Public Service.
5. Improving Internal Audit function in the Public Service.
6. Provide an effective budgetary system within a decentralized.
accounting framework.
7. Developing, implementing and monitoring management information systems for use in the Treasury Division and the wider Public Service, and
8. Developing the structure and format for Consolidated National Accounts.