Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

COVID-19 Updates

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is working assiduously to develop strategies to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on this nation. As part of the Government’s Finance Committee, the Honourable Colm Imbert, Minister of Finance has revealed a number of measures aimed at alleviating the economic impacts of this virus and provided regular updates as to the nation’s economic situation.
View the latest updates related to the Ministry of Finance’s efforts below:

Support Measures

Financial and economic support measures aimed at assisting affected individuals and businesses as they cope with the financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidelines and applications for accessing the financial support measures offered by the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services and Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development can be viewed by clicking the below button.

The first set of measures were announced on Wednesday, 18th March, 2020.

The second set of measures were announced on Monday, 23rd March, 2020.

Economic Effects

A presentation delivered by the Honourable Colm Imbert, Minister of Finance, outlining the economic effects of the oil price collapse and COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial Situation

An assessment of Trinidad and Tobago’s current financial situation in the wake of the fall in crude oil prices and the impact of COVID-19.