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Media Release – Digital Currency- BarterCoin and Initial Coin Offering in T&T
23 Feb 2018
$51b and pension funds – Letter by the Minister of Finance
21 Feb 2018
Media Release- Favourable terms and conditions for staff under the TTRA 19.1.18
19 Jan 2018
Press Release – Establishment of a Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority 17.1.2018
17 Jan 2018
Press Release – Erroneous Article on the Purchase of a 'cruiseferry'
12 Jan 2018
15 Dec 2017
Media Release -Trinidad and Tobago Chamber Misunderstands IMF Country Report
1 Dec 2017
Media Release – IMF Gives Thumbs Up To several measures being undertaken by Trinidad and Tobago
24 Nov 2017
Media Release: TTRA meeting between the Minister of Finance and PSA President
14 Nov 2017
Media Release- Commendation to staff of IRD & C&E 10.11.17
10 Nov 2017
Media Release – Facts on the proposed Implementation of TTRA
8 Nov 2017
Media Release- Minister of Finance to meet with PSA on the Trinidad & Tobago Revenue Authority
8 Nov 2017
Media Release- Finance Minister not involved in HDC PPP Project.
8 Nov 2017
Media Release – Work attendance by staff of the Inland Revenue Division and Customs and Excise Division
7 Nov 2017
Press Release: GoRTT to receive funding from the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility
2 Nov 2017
Media Release- Implementation of the Public Procurement Act 1.11.17
1 Nov 2017
Media Release: Payment of Salaries for October 2017
30 Oct 2017
Media Release 26.10.17 Invitation by the Minister of Finance to meet with Owners of Casinos
26 Oct 2017
Media Release – Establishment of Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority
23 Oct 2017
Press Release – Meeting of Casino Owners with Hon Min West
20 Oct 2017