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MEDIA RELEASE: Payment of Compensation to Property Owners in the Construction of a New Terminal and Associated Works at the A.N.R Robinson International Airport, Tobago.
9 Jul 2020
Media Release: Ministry of Finance Achieves a Very Successful International USD Bond Issue
22 Jun 2020
MEDIA RELEASE – Inland Revenue Division (IRD) COVID 19 Measures
12 Jun 2020
Media Release – Payment Of Compensation To Property Owners – Tobago Airport
10 Jun 2020
Inland Revenue Division (IRD) COVID 19 Measures
9 Jun 2020
Media Release: Misleading Guardian Editorial about Heritage Petroleum
1 Jun 2020
Media Release: Moody’s confirms Trinidad and Tobago’s credit rating in the midst of the Covid crisis
22 May 2020
MEDIA RELEASE – Signing of Agreement with the Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago (CCULTT) and the Central Finance Facility (CFF).
8 May 2020
Media Release: Republic Bank and Angostura Shares Pledged to NIF, NIF Bondholders’ Investment is Secure
3 May 2020
Media Release: Misinformation about Salary Relief Grant (SRG) in Trinidad Express story 30-04-20
30 Apr 2020
Media Release: Value Added Tax (VAT) Bonds Application forms are available Online
29 Apr 2020
Closure of Offices at the Inland Revenue Division (IRD)
4 Apr 2020
VAT and Income Tax Refund Cheques Will Be Delivered
1 Apr 2020
IRD, Customs and Excise Division and NIB Open for Business
30 Mar 2020
Payment of Quarterly Corporation Taxes Due on Tuesday March 31, 2020
26 Mar 2020
Salary Relief Grant
25 Mar 2020
Additional Support Measures to Alleviate the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic
24 Mar 2020
COVID-19 Updates
19 Mar 2020
Financial and Economic Support Measures to be Put in Place in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
18 Mar 2020
The Honourable Minister of Finance Meets with Stakeholders Re: Express Release Consignments
12 Mar 2020