Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Customs and Excise Division

    Mission Statement

    To support economic growth and development by facilitating legitimate trade and travel, revenue generation and collection. To protect our borders and provide increased security to the global trade supply chain by enforcing compliance with all the Laws and Regulations under which we are empowered to act.

    Vision Statement

    To be the leading-edge service, law enforcement, trade facilitation and revenue collection organization in the region and beyond through the efforts of professional and dedicated staff.


    Customs controls and Customs Services play a key role in assisting Governments to achieve their national and international policy aims. For most countries with an established market economy, no other single Government Department fulfils the complex role of collecting and protecting revenue and assisting with financial, trade and foreign policy, while at the same time protecting society by combating smuggling and fraud.

    Its main objectives are to provide public contact staff with a greater understanding of their role in interfacing with the public and to ensure a professional image for the public service.

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    Roles and Functions

    The Customs and Excise Division (C&E) through the laws under which the Division is empowered to act, provides the following:-

    • Revenue Collection and Protection – Implementation of national, regional and international policy, the aim of which is to collect revenue and combat any associated fraud;
    • The Correct Application of Trade Policy – C&E applies and monitors compliance with trade related rules and agreements in order to facilitate legitimate trade;
    • Protecting our Physical Borders, Society and the Environment – C&E combats smuggling; enforces Health Standards and Environmental Policy and Laws;
    • Collect and Disseminate Accurate Trade Related Information and Statistics – C&E is required by law to provide this information to the Central Statistical Office for compilation, analysis and publication of Trade data.

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    Click here to visit the website of the Customs and Excise Division

    Contact Information

    Customs and Excise Division (Head Office)
    Custom House
    Government Campus Plaza
    Ajax Street
    Wrightson Road
    Port of Spain

    Telephone: (868) 625-3311 or (868) 612-7010

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