Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Strategic Management and Execution Office (SMO)

    Mission Statement

    To provide high-level support in the coordination of the strategic planning process, organizational performance improvement initiatives and the development of optimal business processes to execute the strategic mandates of the Ministry of Finance.

    Vision Statement

    To be the core process organization that ensures alignment and coordination of the various strategic plans of the Divisions and agencies of the Ministry to ensure the successful integration of the programmes and projects within the various business and support units.


    In November 2011, The Strategic Management and Execution Office was established in the Ministry of Finance, as per Cabinet Minute No. 3138.

    Roles and Functions

    The primary responsibility of the Strategic Management and Execution Office is the oversight of the management, execution and progress reporting of Budget Measures, and the program and projects initiatives needed to be implemented to drive the desired outcomes. They are:

    1. Providing high level assistance to the leadership and management teams of the Ministry of Finance in planning and executing significant new public sector financial management programmes;
    2. Reviewing and providing advice on the project scope, measures and indicators in the execution of the Ministry’s initiatives;
    3. Co-ordinating the Ministry’s strategic planning process;
    4. Co-ordinating and providing oversight of the implementation of action initiatives articulated in the Annual Budget Statements, Mid-Year Review and other policy documents;
    5. Coordinating, researching and providing information in support of the Annual Parliamentary agenda;
    6. Providing strategic representation on Committees in support of the Ministry’s initiatives or those initiatives from other Ministries and Agencies which require input from the Ministry of Finance;
    7. Monitoring the progress of programs or projects to be implemented from the National Budget using the appropriate tools and techniques;
    8. Coordinating and conducting a body of research to inform the preparation of the Annual Budget and the Mid-Year Review;
    9. Working in conjunction with multi-lateral agencies such as the World Bank, The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with respect to information sharing and the coordination of programmes within the Ministry and among  Ministries;
    10. Advising on the evaluation, selection and implementation of core standardised methodologies covering programme and process management as it relates to the Ministry of Finance.

    Contact Information

    Strategic Management and Execution Office
    Ministry of Finance
    Level 16, Finance Building
    Eric Williams Financial Complex
    Independence Square

    Telephone: (868) 612-9700, extensions: 2613/2620