Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


Gross Domestic Product of Trinidad and Tobago at Market Prices (Current Prices) /TT$ Millions/

INDUSTRYISIC12017r2018r2019r2020pQ4* 2020pQ1* 2021p2021f
Agriculture, forestry and fishingA1,881.41,666.41,610.81,608.2406.2413.1 -
Mining and quarryingB19,133.022,047.420,657.412,718.93,489.94,633.215,513.8
Food, beverages and tobacco productsCA8,194.69,636.010,556.310,104.52,612.02,275.3 -
Textiles, clothing, leather, wood, paper and printingCB-C1,235.81,267.81,303.81,220.6308.5317.9 -
Petroleum and chemical productsCD-E15,592.217,119.514,451.59,936.52,518.53,666.612,431.3
Other manufactured productsCF-M2,883.12,801.62,823.52,561.6580.2623.5 -
Electricity and gasD2,632.43,445.93,144.42,949.5789.4943.1 -
Water supply and sewerageE2,066.02,010.51,936.31,818.3458.7445.6 -
Trade and repairsG38,067.935,033.337,984.137,676.010,657.89,312.237,630.9
Transport and storageH5,561.55,808.45,743.64,266.4983.91,054.5 -
Accommodation and food servicesI2,590.42,552.62,580.42,240.6525.4525.3 -
Information and communicationJ3,721.53,622.53,681.63,553.9885.3865.1 -
Financial and insurance activitiesK11,815.411,588.812,763.011,235.02,700.72,668.811,554.4
Real estate activitiesL3,185.43,232.63,298.93,355.4840.7809.6 -
Professional, scientific and technical servicesM3,161.23,541.33,411.23,413.1853.5889.5 -
Administrative and support servicesN4,595.44,635.64,675.14,628.81,155.51,492.6 -
Public administrationO14,063.813,604.613,674.713,752.73,384.33,448.913,970.6
EducationP3,823.53,818.83,845.03,834.1957.4957.5 -
Human health and social workQ780.3777.2891.2921.9233.3232.5 -
Arts, entertainment and recreationR420.5425.2427.3426.3106.5106.9 -
Other service activitiesS836.0847.0865.3870.0218.5218.1 -
Domestic servicesT287.4290.7294.3297.674.774.8 -
Less FISIM2(3,998.3)(4,098.6)(4,173.7)(4,097.3)(1,034.8)(1,035.2) -
GDP AT BASIC PRICES3151,413.5154,708.3155,387.7137,277.235,786.637,007.9 -
Taxes less subsidies on products5,736.76,576.05,947.67,145.0N/AN/A -
GDP AT PURCHASER PRICES4157,150.1161,284.3161,335.3144,422.1N/AN/A150,957.3
Of which5
Crude oil exploration and extraction5,551.66,395.95,864.43,754.4965.31,345.26,359.1
Condensate extraction2,294.62,016.41,972.71,258.8337.7470.51,738.8
Natural gas exploration and extraction9,391.911,821.411,162.76,680.51,854.52,477.76,552.7
Asphalt126.886.792.5115.330.130.1 -
Petroleum support services1,651.71,597.91,428.4779.7266.0262.0 -
Refining (incl. LNG)7,525.47,764.96,186.83,309.8735.71,060.4 -
Manufacture of Petrochemicals6,961.18,196.87,077.95,392.81,454.32,287.56,733.7
Petroleum and natural gas distribution2,722.73,459.03,244.92,705.5717.61,002.3 -
Source: Central Statistical Office and Ministry of Finance
1/ Designation of the section in the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, Revision 4 (ISIC. Rev 4) that corresponds to the industry/sub-industry.
2/ Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured.
3/ The basic price is the amount receivable by the producer from the purchaser for a unit of a good or service produced as output minus any tax payable, and plus any subsidy receivable, by the producer as a consequence of its production or sale. It excludes any transport charges invoiced separately by the producer. (System of National Accounts, 2008).
4/ The purchaser’s price is the amount paid by the purchaser, excluding any VAT or similar tax deductible by the purchaser, in order to take delivery of a unit of a good or service at the time and place required by the purchaser. The purchaser’s price of a good includes any transport charges paid separately by the purchaser to take delivery at the required time and place (System of National Accounts, 2008).
5/ This Memorandum Item presents the major energy based sub-industries that were previously grouped under the Petroleum Industry in the TTSNA classifications.
* Q4 refers to the period October to December, while Q1 refers to the period January to March.
r: Revised p: Provisional f: Ministry of Finance Forecast N/A: Not Available