Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


Population, Labour Force and Employment (Mid-year)

TOTAL POPULATION1345,3431349,6671353,8951356,6331359,1931363,9851366,725
% change0.
TOTAL MALE674,997677,166679,288680,661681,946684,350685,725
% change0.
TOTAL FEMALE670,346672,501674,607675,972677,247679,635681,000
% change0.
Dependency Ratio1 (%)
Non Institutional Pop.15 yrs and over1063,4001065,1001068,5001,071,200r1072,400--
Labour Force**658,600645,300638,300633,700r633,900--
Persons Employed636,900623,300613,100603,100r609,000--
Persons Unemployed21,80022,00025,30030,600r24,900--
Participation Rate2 (%)61.960.659.759.259.1--
Unemployment Rate (%)
Births per 1,000 persons13.7014.0012.8312.8212.6711.7711.51
Deaths per 1,000 persons7.918.588.238.598.588.269.50
Crude Natural Growth Rate per 1,0005.795.424.604.234.093.512.00
Source: Central Statistical Office
1. The dependency ratio is the ratio of dependents (i.e. persons under 15 years of age or 65 years and over) to the total working age population (15 to 64 years).
2. The participation rate is the portion of the non-institutional population, aged 15 years and over, that is part of (participates in) the labour force.
* Figures based on 2011 census.
** Figures based on CSSP estimates.
† For the period January to June 2018. p: Provisional.