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Natural Gas Production and Utilisation

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Natural Gas Production (MMSCF/D)13,301.63,582.33,592.33,284.52,574.02,656.62,583.4*
Natural Gas Utilisation (MMSCF/D)1
Power Generation254.2243.9251.3238.3245.2240.4257.0
Ammonia Manufacture559.1546.2570.9503.6503.1499.4484.0
Methanol Manufacture454.9493.2534.7461.4524.8499.6496.0
Iron & Steel Manufacture43.743.543.439.545.645.742.1
Cement Manufacture12.411.111.110.311.712.612.6
Ammonia Derivatives18.920.319.825.521.922.420.4
Gas Processing24.124.323.922.821.420.820.3
Gas to Liquidsn/an/an/an/a4.97.10.0
Small Consumers8.
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)1,684.81,912.61,968.61,838.91,062.61,159.61,152.5
Source: Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries
1 Millions of Standard Cubic Feet per day
p: Provisional
n/a: not available
* Updated data for natural gas production (up to July 2022) indicates that output totaled 2,900.0 million standard cubic feet per day in June and 2,889.0 million standard cubic feet per day in July. The average production over the period October 2021 to July 2022 was therefore 2,645.3 million standard cubic feet per day, reflecting an increase of 1.2 percent compared to the similar period one year earlier.