Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


Natural Gas Production and Utilisation

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Natural Gas Production (MMSCF/D)13,892.83,432.8r3,301.6r3,582.3r3,592.33,598.43,387.2
Natural Gas Utilisation (MMSCF/D)1
Power Generation295.4279.4254.2243.9251.3249.6236.2
Ammonia Manufacture540.5550.1559.1546.2570.9571.3514.4
Methanol Manufacture527.0489.8454.9493.2534.7527.4488.5
Iron & Steel Manufacture91.844.743.743.543.442.339.2
Cement Manufacture12.311.912.411.111.110.910.0
Ammonia Derivatives17.918.418.920.319.820.226.6
Gas Processing26.225.724.124.323.923.822.6
Small Consumers8.
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)2,053.41,693.71,684.8r1,912.61,968.61,976.61,873.7
Source: Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries
1 Millions of Standard Cubic Feet per day p: Provisional
* For the period October to June.