Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


Change in Productivity and Average Weekly Earnings /Percentage Change/

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Index of Productivity (Fiscal Year)
All workers/all industries (Base Year = 1995)-
Food Processing23.
Drink and Tobacco12.1-
Textiles, Garments and Footwear-
Printing, Publishing and Paper Converters-3.31.1-20.0-12.8-12.2-10.4-14.3
Wood and Related Products6.8-10.8-11.6-7.80.4-5.54.8
Assembly Type & Related Products-67.2-6.9-
Miscellaneous Manufacturing5.
Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas5.09.84.5-
Oil Refining24.9-5.29.8 -90.8 *-100.0n/an/a
Natural Gas Refining-13.84.3-6.8-7.2-9.8-1.6-29.0
Index of Average Weekly Earnings (Fiscal Year)
All workers/all industries (Base Year = 1995)1,0001.9-1.75.2-19.7-15.2-44.14.4
Source: Central Statistical Office
* Data available for the period October to December only, due to the cessation of operations at the Refinery at the end of October 2018.
n/a - not applicable due to the closure of the Petrotrin Refinery in the 1st quarter of fiscal 2019.